Snowy Mt Hood

Intensive/Post Intensive Retreat

This retreat is offered for those who wish to make either an Intensive or a Post-Intensive retreat.  It is designed to deepen your established practice; a regular daily practice of Centering Prayer for at least 9 months is a prerequisite.  The Intensive retreat is the first of the retreat series and is the prerequisite for the Advanced and Post-Intensive retreats.


The Intensive retreat offers the foundational instruction of Fr. Keating’s Spiritual Journey Video Series on the human condition and an immersion in Centering Prayer. The Post-Intensive retreat participants extend their time of Centering Prayer and do not view any video conferences.


Except for opening and closing times, silence will be observed throughout the retreat, including at meals.  Post intensive retreatants observe Grand Silence, with no eye contact, to deepen their practice of Centering Prayer.