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Centering Prayer – The Prayer of Consent


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Centering Prayer Groups

Individuals who have attended introductions to Centering Prayer or Lectio Divina are invited to join an existing centering prayer group, or even start a new one if there is enough interest.

Groups generally meet weekly or every other week. A meeting will consist of a period of Centering Prayer and possibly some sharing/study. Videos and books by Fr. Keating and other Contemplative Outreach authors are used to deepen understanding of this spiritual practice. Over time these small faith communities build trust and unity while encouraging each other in the practice of the prayer and possible service outside the group to the chapter and all prayer groups as a whole.

Contemplative Outreach of Portland has Centering Prayer Groups meeting throughout the Portland Metropolitan area as well as throughout Oregon. The groups are listed by geographic location/zip code so that a prayer group closest to you may be located quickly.

While most groups have open membership, group size and meeting space do limit the ability to accept additional members at any given time. In addition some groups are restricted to individuals participating in a “12 step” program.

Each group has a contact person/facilitator. If you find a group you are interested in visiting or joining submit your inquiry to Brant Crabbe or Kathleen Kaczor CLICK HERE and you will be contacted by the appropriate contact person.

Facilitator Note: Please notify Brant Crabbe or Kathleen Kaczor of any updates/corrections CLICK HERE .


Click this link, CENTERING GROUPS, to view a current list of Prayer Groups .


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